If you're over 40 and "between jobs, underemployed, or hanging on to your job by your fingernails" you know that it's not just the economy that's making life a challenge for you.

Ageism in layoffs and hiring decisions is creating significant problems for you and your peers as you struggle to stay employed.

5 Strategies tells the stories of today's baby boomer professionals - people just like you and it focuses on your needs. Like it or not it's not just about your career. Your body is feeling the effects of both physiological aging and years of high stress. At the same time, the people who depend on you expect you to function as effectively as you did in earlier years. You're expected to help your children through college, help your aging parents, and continue to meet other family and financial responsibilities - even though your body is often not bought in to these expectations, and your earning power may be compromised.

"I wrote 5 Strategies in response to the struggles my clients are having as they deal with high stress lives and careers after 40; and more recently the sobering realities of unemployment," says Nina Price. "I see lots of very talented professionals who are having a difficult time getting rehired after layoffs, suffering in unsatisfying jobs, or living in fear of the next layoff. It's taking a toll on their health and wellbeing. I felt that their stories needed to be told. Readers tell me that what they like best are the stories because they're about what's really happening in today's workplace: the real issues and the crises that everyone's ignoring."

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